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Stay ahead of the criminals...

Membership Benefits & Rules

Key points in your SIPRO membership:
• We will help you maintain cyber security as technology and circumstances change. We'll keep you updated via email, your login to your profile, partner products that can help you and more. YOUR job is to use this advice and stay ahead of the criminals to keep yourself and your clients' protected!

• As part of being a member of SiPRO, it's important you remain in good standing with your professional associations and licensing authorities

• You can not have any criminal offenses related to fraud

• You must maintain your SiPRO membership dues annually
Key Benefits of Membership to SiPRO:
• You will have an online profile for the consumers to see and login access to other important support and features:
• You will have access to marketing materials helping you explain the benefits of your SiPRO Designation to Buyers and Sellers and why they will prefer working with someone TRAINED in protecting their sensitive data.
• Access to a sample office cyber security policy and sample contract addendums you can use as models to create your own extended documentation for transactions and within the office. This will help to further protect you from potential lawsuits.
• You will have access to discounts on key safety products that count towards your membership dues
• Networking - you can network with OTHER SiPRO designees knowing if you do a transaction with them they too will be practicing safe cyber habits. Imagine, if you do a transaction with someone who is using weak passwords, for example, and their transaction management software gets hacked. Not only are they at risk... so are YOU and especially YOUR CLIENTS.