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Stay ahead of the criminals...

How to earn your SIPRO Certification

Take CORE CLASS ONE - Online or in person:

PASSWORDS: Undo the myths currently being taught about what makes a safe password and how to make strong ones and manage them effectively.
WIFI: Learn about the dangers of WIFI and how to protect yourself and your client's data. Data that resides on your computer. Data that can be accessed through your transaction mgmt. and/or CRM systems.
FREE EMAIL: Want to use your GMAIL but don't want to get sued or lose your license (because that time is coming)? You'll learn about how domain and email addresses work and how they can be spoofed (a leading cause of Wire Transfer Fraud) and what you can do to prevent it.

More about Core Class ONE
Standard Cost of Core Class ONE is $49
Step #2 - Take CORE CLASS TWO Online:

Social Media - The criminal's favorite place to go. Burglars, Stalkers, Identity Thieves, etc. see these sites as gold mines because people put so much of their lives on there and don't know how to protect the information from strangers. From the guy that wrote the books:

Facebook for Real Estate
LinkedIn for Real Estate
Twitter for Real Estate
Social Media for Real Estate
and Advanced Facebook

comes lessons on how to do EXACTLY how to do that. We also reveal the amount of information about the average person that is available to anyone that knows where to look. Your home address is key for your personal safety. We give you solutions to protect this information - considered as "public" by your local governments - from criminals' prying eyes. Then there's data analytics. Most people don't realize the predictive abilities that exist with just some basic information about a person't habits, likes, dislikes, political affiliations, etc. We go in-depth on how you can control and/or delete information stored about YOU.
Standard Cost of Core Class TWO is $49
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Maintain Annual Membership

As a member, you'll have the right to use the SIPRO logo on flyers, business cards and other marketing materials. In addition, you'll have EXCLUSIVE membership to the website where you'll find continuously updated information about the latest in online and tech safety. You'll also get regular email safety updates and have access to discounts on certain safety products and access to sample cyber security office policies and contract addendums to help you avoid lawsuits.
Annual membership cost is $99 Setup and $99/yr
1st Yr. is FREE
For Buyers - As a SIPRO, you'll be able to give your Buyers additional confidence that their information will be protected and there will be less of a chance of things like Wire Transfer Fraud, Identity Theft and more.
For Sellers - Differentiate yourself in your listing appointments by explaining to Sellers how you're educated in the area of cyber security and are trained to spot and avoid cyber criminals and their tactics.
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