Stay ahead of the criminals...
The key lessons you learned in CORE CLASS ONE were:

1. Everyone needs better passwords. If you can remember your password, it's probably hackable. 8 Characters isn't enough. 10 Characters isn't enough. 12 Characters isn't enough. The only realistic solution in today's internet world is using a two step verification and/or a password manager. Click here to watch the video again of Dr. Mike Pound showing how easy it is to hack passwords: Click Here

2. Use a VPN everywhere you go. With your phone, laptop, tablet and computer at home. It's the ONLY way to really be sure yours and your clients' information is protected when its being transferred around during the transaction process. Watch the video again showing the dangers of not using a VPN - Click Here

3. Use "FREE" Email services safely - You can't give out Gmail addresses. The FBI says it's the leading cause of Wire Transfer Fraud... spoofed email addresses. We discussed setting your Gmail (or Yahoo, AOL, MSN, etc.) up so the client only sees your vanity email address - which is harder to spoof. Then we showed you two videos on how easy that was to do... Video One Video Two

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other ways for criminals to attack you ... and now that a BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR is being stolen, the criminals know it's worth their time to find other ways. Many other ways the first 3 hour class didn't have time to cover. So we've put a lot more information online so you can work on other potential weaknesses. THAT'S the reason to become a SiPRO!

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Find out how "Stalkable" you really are...

Find out how "STALKABLE" you are. It's important to know what the average criminal can find on you if you become a target and try to control it. From what you learned in CORE CLASS ONE, you now have a clue of what you didn't know before. Don't let someone figure out your passwords because you leave clues in Social Media...and/or have weak ones anyway. Sign up for SiPRO and head the criminals off at the pass! Get a list of vulnerable areas and the solutions for them to protect yourself and your family from potential harm.
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Correct key behaviors...

Correct key behaviors you have that leave clues for the criminals. Posting publicly on Facebook about a cash buyer only makes you a target. Understanding Facebook Friends' lists is key to your personal safety and security. Facebook is one of the leading sources for criminals of all kinds. Learning how to take and post pictures correctly. Understand the effect of the timing of social media posts. Learn to use social media... not let it use YOU.
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Get more clients - make more money...

With over a BILLION dollars in just Wire Transfer Fraud happening every year, consumers who know they are working with a trained professional on the subject will feel much better. You can explain how you have a better understanding than the average Real Estate professional on how to protect THEM and THEIR SENSITIVE INFORMATION better. As a member, we'll also provide you with marketing materials you can use that explain just that.
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Stay up to date...

You will have access to NEW tutorials when the need arises to explain the latest scam and how to protect yourself AND your clients. We'll also email you periodically with updates to keep you fully informed. AS the industry comes around and starts making adjustments and adding required learning on the subject, YOU'LL already be informed. We STARTED this Designation working with the President of the Nevada Real Estate Commission so we're working hard with authorities to advance training on this subject...

Areas you'll be updated on in the next year:
- Continuing changes in Social Media and the tricks the Big Tech companies pull. For Example:
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- Changes in hacking methodologies
- Learning how to delete unwanted information and accounts off the internet
- Controlling how much your browser tracks your searches and websites you visit
- Smart speakers and their effects
- Data your CAR holds
- and much more...

Being a SiPRO is the most IMPORTANT DESIGNATION you could hold in today's tech-driven world.
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Join the network...

As the SiPRO network grows across the country, YOU'LL be part of an exclusive club. You'll be able to send and receive referrals knowing the chances are much less your referral clients won't end up a victim of needless fraud. In the near future, we'll be adding internal communications such as chatting and inter-member communications so you can make new friends in the industry.

In ADDITION, we've added DOZENS of tutorials on productivity in Real Estate. Lessons on Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sales Skills and more! All part of the SiPRO network!

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