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Foil the Hackers - How to protect yourself from the latest tricks and scams

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This class is all about the basics needed to thwart the criminals from stealing your identity, stealing money from your clients via Wire Transfer Fraud and more. There are many "openings" in technology that criminals are currently exploiting but with simple changes you can be significantly safer with yours and your clients' vital information.

PASSWORDS: Are you currently using the protocol of at least 8 characters with at least one Capital Letter, One number and One symbol? Guess what? You're TWO steps behind the criminals and easily hackable. "Correcthorsebatterystaple"? DEFINITELY not good.

Undo the myths currently being taught about what makes a safe password and how to make strong ones and manage them effectively.

WIFI: You cannot just connect to "Coffee Shop WIFI" anymore. But it's also unreasonable to think a RE professional isn't going to want to connect to WIFI somewhere out in the world while they're doing business. There IS a way to do it safely but most RE Professionals aren't aware of it so the leave themselves venerable to criminals.

Learn about the dangers of WIFI and how to protect yourself and your client's data. Data that resides on your computer. Data that can be accessed through your transaction mgmt. and/or CRM systems.

FREE EMAIL: GMAIL and other "FREE" email services (AOL, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.) are the LEADING cause of Wire Transfer Fraud in the Industry which is over a BILLION DOLLARS annually now. Licensing authorities are going to start cracking down on licensees' use of these services - putting their clients in harm's way.

Want to use your GMAIL but don't want to get sued or lose your license? You'll learn about how domain and email addresses work and how they can be spoofed and what you can do to prevent it.

And much more. We've identified over

a DOZEN technology points

in the Real Estate transaction where hackers can get in - and with the average Licensee they're poorly protected if they have any protection at all! We'll address many of them in this class and cover all areas of protection in our complete designation.

"Foil the Hackers - How to avoid the latest tricks and scams"

(Class held online through Zoom
AND in person at 8400 W. Sahara, Las Vegas, NV )
Monday, AUGUST 10th 10:00 - 1:00
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This is the LATEST information that debunks many of the misconceptions about proper cyber security!

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This class is good for 3 hours of Nevada CE ETHICS credits. Course #CE-6325000-RE